Sunday, November 25, 2007

We are home and I cooked up some oatmeal with some cinnamon on top. Right away Jasmine got scared when we opened the door of the crate. She can fly like 15 feet. :) So we picked her up and put her in her cage until she seemed to be calming down. Harvey though, he was totally calm, clicking his beak, stretching and wiping his beak all over our rope perch. He is very good at stepping up and seems to already want lots of attention. Jake was holding him on the couch and I was standing a good 6 feet away. He wouldn't stop looking at me, finally he flew and tried to land on the side of my leg, so I picked him up and he walk up my arm and sat on my shoulder and preened my hair. He is very comfortable. So we decided we to show him around the room they are in. So we started walking around, and when we got to the parakeets cage, he instantly flew on top of it. Which scared the living daylights out of the poor parakeets. Now if we even go close to the parakeets cage he flies on there. So he got to eat the oatmeal on top of the cage. He was quite happy, snarfing it down.
WE FINALLY GOT THEM!!!! i promise pictures tomorrow, but we have our babies finally. I'm soooooo happy! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Unfriendly Bird lady!

I almost forgot to tell about yesterday! My wife and I had heard about a really good parrot store in Sandy, UT, which was about 45 minutes away. We had seen some of the pictures and were expecting something bigger then what we found. This little, hard to find, store was crammed with Cockatiels, African grays, and a couple Macaws. It had a lot of toys, which was probably the only good thing about it, but that was it. We also saw that the owner made his own birdie diets, with seeds, beans, and other grains. Lindsay and I actually found one that looked really good, with red peppers and other good stuff. When I asked one of the ladies there what the price was she mumbled the price to me then asked what kind of birds I had. She then said "oh, you can't give them this! It's too big for them." She swiftly took the bag from my hands and put it back on the shelf. She then proceeded to tell us what foods we shouldn't give the birds. All the things she was telling us were common knowledge, but I guess because we asked a question we are labeled in her mind as ignorant.

That's not the worst part! We then were led to the owner herself! I forget her name now, and I threw away her card as soon as I could, but she was not encouraging at all. She asked us, at some point in our conversation, if we were ever going to have kids. She then said "I don't want to hear you call me up and tell me you can't take care of the birds because you are having a baby. I'll hang up on you!" She also assumed that we were only getting a male Eckie, but when she realized she didn't really know she asked and we said both. She then stopped talking altogether for a little while, put her hands to her cheeks and said under her breath WHY, why are you doing this! She then told us how stupid we are for trying to get a pair and that we are going to regret it. She told us that she had a female bite her and that was why she didn't want to even think of them. To me, it sounds like she is one of those people that think females are only for breeding and never for pets. What a rude lady! If you are ever in the neighborhood and might be thinking of going, DON'T! :(

One week left!!!! (maybe)

Well, we are a week away from getting our babies! (or at least that is what our breeder is hinting) We are sooooooo excited! Susie and Lisa, the breeders, are very informative and have helped us in our quest for knowledge. I really am happy to have them for our friends.

As you might have noticed i changed the name of my post to I hope this is a little easier to type and find quickly. I am also trying to get my name out there in the internet so i and have people posting commenst and such. Anyway, all is well here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Slide show!!!!!


Ok, so i wanted to try to clarify something. The real purpose for me to make this blog was to show off my birds. Well, you might think that a few parakeets aren't a big deal, and i could argue otherwise, but that's not the point. I wanted to make this blog because my wonderful wife and I are getting a beautiful pair of Solomon Island Eclectus. They are soooo cute and we have 11 days left until they come to us! We are still waiting for them to be compleatly weanded, but that shouldn't be too long now. We are VERY excited and can't wait to show off some of the pictures. So, here are a few: our little green guy is Harvey and the red head is Jasmine. I'll have some more pics up soon. :)

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