Sunday, November 25, 2007

We are home and I cooked up some oatmeal with some cinnamon on top. Right away Jasmine got scared when we opened the door of the crate. She can fly like 15 feet. :) So we picked her up and put her in her cage until she seemed to be calming down. Harvey though, he was totally calm, clicking his beak, stretching and wiping his beak all over our rope perch. He is very good at stepping up and seems to already want lots of attention. Jake was holding him on the couch and I was standing a good 6 feet away. He wouldn't stop looking at me, finally he flew and tried to land on the side of my leg, so I picked him up and he walk up my arm and sat on my shoulder and preened my hair. He is very comfortable. So we decided we to show him around the room they are in. So we started walking around, and when we got to the parakeets cage, he instantly flew on top of it. Which scared the living daylights out of the poor parakeets. Now if we even go close to the parakeets cage he flies on there. So he got to eat the oatmeal on top of the cage. He was quite happy, snarfing it down.

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